Identify the Problem Patterns

Understand the Dynamics

Balance the Perception

Empower and Move Forward

The Process – Working with Donna starts with expressing the problems and clearly identifying and understanding the processes that are behind them. Without this step, many clients have expressed that other therapies fall short of a full-healing. With this step, clients are directed to the priority issues to work on, paving the way to efficient growth.

Because all transformation is an upgraded process, clients are enlightened into understanding their values, which fundamentally drive their behavior and their perceptions, which sets up the foundation to effectively clear emotional bagged, resolve resentments, and the frustrations that are driving most un-satisfying behaviors and lifestyle experiences.

Using modern behavioral psychology tools, and with decades of experience, Donna leads her clients through a neutral process of how to re-interpret their experiences, implement new behavior patterns, and generate new results in their perceptions, leading to lasting behavioral change in their life.

Understand the pattern in your family system.

Healing Families – For many families, being part of a family doesn’t feel like family. It often feels like a warzone that you can’t wait to escape from. The problem is, stress and emotional baggage aren’t just left behind. They come with you, recreating themselves in our life, time and time again.

Donna’s work with family dynamics includes her own personal history and decades of working with families who were undergoing complete breakdowns, with violence, addiction, disappointment, and unhappiness being the constant themes.

Using modern understandings of family relations, Donna can work with families to untangle the web of hatred they’ve built, creating a more loving and lasting stability that all families truly want.

What barriers are blocking you?

Limited beliefs

Social contacts

All those “Should’s”

Shifting perspectives

Avoiding feelings

Would you like to be living your best life?

Balance Your Life

Determine Values

Develop Confidence

Become Empowered

Live in a State of Peace


Will Increase the Quality of Your Life

Inspiring Teens – Are you scared for your teen? Are you unsure of how to communicate with them without having things thrown at you? Are you worried that your teen is going down the wrong path?

Here’s what’s real about teenagers – most of the problems are real results of false expectations. We all want the best for our children, but what we don’t see is that comes with pressure, and pressure builds bombs.

Donna helps teenagers release that pressure, by understanding their own unique values and identity, helping them be more integral and courageous in expressing who they really are, which naturally enhances their ability to communicate with purpose, poise, and presence.

This isn’t a ‘fix my kid’ however. In all family dynamics, everyone plays a part, and it’s important that if one person grows, that all people grow, so Donna will take the lead in the family for the time it takes to resolve the emotional pain and turmoil, that’s been destroying what you’ve invested your life to build.

Executive Training Sessions

One on One & Group Training

Team Dynamics

Value Determination Training

Communicate in Other Peoples Values

Create a Charge in the Sales Process

Gain and Sustain Your Confidence

Dissolve Fear Attachment Energy

Donna is a global coach, Marriage and Family Therapist, Demartini facilitator, Advanced Synergistic Play Therapist, Parent Educator, EMDR Practitioner and the founder of Evolve Coaching.

In her private practice, she works with clients of all ages around the world on a full spectrum of issues. She has cutting edge training and an understanding of topics ranging from parenting, neuroscience to business building. Her progressive approach allows her to meet the needs of a full spectrum of clients, from business executives to an out of control 7 year old. Quickly assisting clients to the heart of an issue, catapulting them to make life-changing inspired action in quantum time.

As a lecturer and educator, she is driven by the conviction that each of us has the potential for greatness and unlimited abilities. In her easy-to-understand, encouraging, relatable, humorous, and empathetic style, she has educated thousands of people, detailing steps to rewire their brains and recondition their bodies to make lasting changes

As a researcher, Donna Parker’s need to understand human behavior can be found at the intersection of the latest findings from the fields of neuroscience, epigenetic, and quantum physics. She uses this knowledge and 25 years of clinical experience to assist clients with insight into their behavior and keys to their empowerment.

“One session with Donna felt like 15 compared to my last therapist… I was stuck for over 20 years and within the first session I felt instant clarity, hope and relief! Not to mention she is so fun and relatable!”

Business Owner

“My son was suicidal and cutting when we started seeing Donna. She helped us understand how our extreme expectations, over critical advise, not listening, extreme discipline was contributing. I learned to REALLY listen! Don’t know where we’d be today without Donna!”

CEO of family

“My teen and I barely talked to me for 3 years and if she did we were fighting. Donna helped me learn what was going on in her mind and how I was contributing and fueling her anger and setting her up to feel helpless! Our entire relationship shifted within months. Now she tells me everything- maybe too much! Forever grateful Donna!

Vice President of Sales